Scottish Health & Safety Campaigner, founder member of Families Against Corporate Killing and Scottish Hazards Trustee Louise Taggart has been named as the most influential person in health and safety for 2018 by the UK wide organisation Safety and Health Practitioner.

Scott Donohoe, Chair of occupational health and safety charity Scottish Hazards said

“Louise is a highly inspirational women and we are delighted that her effort to emphasize the importance of good health and safety in Scotland, throughout the UK and further afield have been recognised by Safety and Health Practitioner.

“Her brother Michael Adamson was fatally injured when he was electrocuted at work in August 2005, in an incident that the trial of his employers was to hear was entirely preventable.

“Since that day Louise has vociferously campaigned for justice of her family and many others who lose a loved one at work, becoming a founder member of campaign group Families Against Corporate Killing (FACK) as well as becoming involved in our own organisation.

“Louise travels widely telling of her family’s tragedy to help inspire improvements in health and safety performance by telling brother Michael’s Story because as she says he cannot tell it himself.

“Louise and her family have been victims of health and safety failure, she wants to ensure no other family has to suffer needless and unnecessary tragedies as they have had to; this award is thoroughly deserved”.

Scottish Health and Safety Campaigner wins prestigious Health and Safety Award

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