Scottish Hazards wants Healthier, Safer and Fairer Work for all in 2019              

Scotland’s Health and Safety charity is calling for employers and trade unions to ensure the New Year brings a renewed focus on protecting workers from harm and ensuring all workers are adequately trained for the work they are undertaking.

Ian Tasker from Scottish Hazards said

“The recent collapse of Healthcare Environmental Services has been bad enough for their workers made redundant just before Christmas, now we have to ensure all health service workers, particularly porters, are properly trained and have adequate personal protection equipment to prevent them from harm as part of the contingency arrangements being out in place until the new NHS Waste Management Contract comes into force on 1st April.

“Recent media reports are quite concerning in this regard and would suggest that this may not be the case in all health boards and we will be writing to the HSE to request they carry out unannounced visits to hospitals in the interim period, ensuring workers are not exposed to risk of needle stick injury or any other hazard associated with management of clinical waste.

“Whoever takes over this contract in April should not only be able to demonstrate they have the resources and expertise to see the contract through but also that they engage with workers, their workers have an effective voice, are respected, provided with fulfilling work, are guaranteed secure work for the length of the contract and provide real opportunities for the workforce delivering that contract.

“Scottish Hazards believes this can only be achieved by having trade union recognition, where the views of the union’s members are valued in delivering that contract for the benefit of everyone, not just the management and not just financial benefits but perhaps more importantly, the health and safety benefits that can be gained by providing fair work”.

Scottish Hazards wants Healthier, Safer and Fairer Work for all in 2019

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