What does the Scottish Hazards Centre provide?

The ultimate aim of the Scottish Hazards Centre is to reduce work-related injury, ill health and death through increasing knowledge and awareness, improving health and safety practice and developing effective worker involvement.  We will achieve this by providing:

  • information, advice and support on occupational health and safety to individual workers, groups of workers, health and safety reps, voluntary organisations and community groups;
  • training in occupational health and safety issues;
  • support for worker and community involvement in research and action on work-related issues;
  • information aimed at developing an increased awareness of occupational hazards amongst healthcare professionals; and
  • encouragement towards trade union membership and trade union occupational health and safety activity!

Who are the Centre’s services aimed at?

The Centre is designed to benefit those without adequate access to occupational health and safety support and therefore, seeks to target non-unionised workers. Our firm message in all that we do is: union workplaces are safer workplaces.  

Particular emphasis is placed on reaching those known to be most exposed to risks, including: those in non-unionised workplaces;  those new to work or working in precarious employment; those living in areas of deprivation; migrant workers and refugees; those working in SMEs; those working in the third sector; home and agency workers; and those with protected characteristics within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010 (e.g. those with disabilities; those from ethnic minority communities; and both younger and older workers).